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About the Blog

Alrighty then…(said with a Scottish accent)

Here we go. Some time ago Adam and I realized that we were unhappy people living unhappy lives. Though we recognized our unhappiness it took us a while to actually do anything about it, then in the beginning of 2011 we started putting what previously were only thoughts and ideas, into action. By May Adam had quit his computer programming job, we were foreclosing on our house, and in June we packed our 3 kids and all of our stuff into our van and left to start our journey, or “The Big Adventure” as the kids call it, to figure out what does make us happy and how to be happy people living happy lives. We’ve joined (which stands for World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming) and now volunteer as “wwoofers” on organic farms. The organization is simple and effective and you can learn more about it here. We’ve been on our wwoofing adventure since June 2011 and we’re loving it!! (check out our weekly reviews if you want to see what we’re doing now).

[Update Nov 2012] We’ve settled at a farm in Missouri after spending a few months of WWOOFing for them. They offered us an internship position and have been here since. After the internship was over, Adam got a job for the Springfield, MO Parks Department doing trail maintenance. Rachael started a business providing a health coaching service to the Springfield area. It’s an amazing part of our lives and we’re excited to see where it’s all going to take us. :0)

[Update Mar 2013] Our plans, as always, have changed again. It looks like this time Adam will be moving on without Rachael and the kids. Rachael will be staying in Springfield and live with a friend while she continues to work on her Health Coaching business. Adam will be heading, probably, West on more WWOOFing adventures. If we’ve learned anything during all of our adventuring over the last nearly 2 years is that life is a journey and that you are always being tested, always being provided opportunities for growth. This is a big one for us. It feels like we are putting one book down and picking up a whole brand new one.

The purpose of this blog is:

  • To share and document our experiences
  • To provide a way for family and friends to keep up with where we are and what we’re doing
  • To provide a glimpse of life as a wwoofer, or rather in our case life as a wwoofing family.
  • And lastly, to give us an outlet to practice writing articles, keeping a blog, and managing our thoughts.

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